about Hudson Valley Blooms

Claire Beaumont moved into her home in New York’s Hudson Valley seven years ago and quickly set about to transform the acre-and-a-quarter of former farmland into a horticultural wonderland. Claire’s training as a fine-art photographer is evident throughout her flourishing gardens, and in the glorious abundance of blooms that her gardens produce. Through Hudson Valley Blooms, Claire supplies local florists and individuals with cut flowers and arrangements for any occasion.

about the gardens

When you first turn onto Ann Drive in Rhinebeck, you don’t expect to come across any extraordinary gardens. As you approach number 5, however, it’s immediately evident that something horticulturally significant is transpiring there.

The landscape at Claire Beaumont’s seems impossibly inclusive in terms of collections, considering how much land there is to work with. Furthermore, everything seems to fit together artfully and effortlessly in a vision of cultivated beauty.

The landscape at 5 Ann Drive is wonderfully fluid, and the gardens continuously offer the opportunity for discovery. No matter what time of year, there is something in flower or fruit. Even winter delights with an impressive selection of woody plants with attractive bark and form. Claire has cultivated an environment that allows people, plants, and birds to flourish together.